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5 Tips for Sharing Your Cultural Heritage With Your Grands

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

An understanding of their cultural heritage helps young people know who they are and become comfortable with their personal identity. As grandparents, we can help parents instill this knowledge into young hearts. Here are five ways to share your family and cultural heritage with your Grands.

5 Ways to Share Your Cultural Heritage

Share lots of pictures! Family is Part of Your Cultural Heritage

We are fascinated by pictures. Don’t believe it? Check out how many pics are in your phone picture folder. Afterward, dig out old photos and share them with your Grands. Talk about family history, lifestyle, clothing, and where the photo was taken if you know.  Discuss whatever details you can pull out of the photos. Meanwhile, have one of your older Grands take notes identifying the people and places in your family photos. They are rich with info that will nourish and spark the imagination.

Make a culturally significant family recipe.

Many of us have family recipes that become traditional foods for celebrations or are recipes brought along with immigrants from other lands. First, share a recipe with your Grands. Then have them help you make the food. As you cook, share memories of cooking with your grandparents or enjoying the dish with generations past. At the same time, you will be creating memories for your Grands to pass on someday to their own children and grandchildren.

Enjoy a virtual tour with your Grands.

Virtual tours are a fascinating way to explore the world with very little cost. Invite your Grands for a virtual tour in front of your television. The bigger the screen, the better! Then make popcorn, share about family heritage before you start, and then let a tour guide walk you through the lands or places of your ancestral heritage.

Learn some words or phrases in a historical family language.

Online or app translators are easy to find and with the tap of the keyboard, you can learn and speak something simple in another language. Then get your Grands engaged. Consequently, you may find a linguist in the group!

Take a trip!

This one is clearly more costly and time-consuming, but if it’s possible, do it. Take your Grands to visit places important to your family culture and history. There is nothing quite like exploring new places. The sights, smells, sounds, and tastes of another part of the country, or a foreign land, are not easily duplicated. As a result, a young person’s world and understanding are greatly expanded by travel.

We’d love to know how you’ve shared family cultural heritage with your Grands. Your experiences and ideas may inspire other grandparents so join in the comments with your wisdom!

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