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Baby’s First Autumn Intentional Memory Keeping [FREE Printable Inside]

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Getting in the mood for the Autumn Season, today we’re going to discuss a few intentional memory-keeping ideas for you! At the end of today’s post, you will find a link to a free printable that will help you gather Baby’s First Autumn memories.

Many young moms track and document every first for their firstborn in an album. They keep scrapbooks and write journal entries telling the story of a new beginning. Then the second baby is born. Life gets more hectic and sleep deprivation sets in, especially if the babies are close together.

What happens to the album, scrapbooking, and journaling? Usually, it drops off to almost nothing, and additional children’s firsts are lost in the shuffle of daily life.

Today, we’re suggesting a grandparent project to help fill voids that might exist in family memory keeping! Help your children track and remember each grandchild’s first and special events by being a collector of memories. Your efforts might be a welcome relief to harried parents who are trying to make financial ends meet, keep a household, and keep older children on track.

You can help by:

  1. Taking pictures at special moments and events, then getting them developed.

  2. Keeping a memory box with both pictures and items you’ve gathered.

  3. Choosing a seasonal theme to gather some mementos, then gifting them to the parents, or in later years, to the grandchild.

  4. Creating your own unique firsts to celebrate and document.

We’re helping you out this week with a printable full of ideas for Autumn. The colors and transition of fall are a great time to create an intentional memory-keeping project. We’ve got a Scavenger Hunt to get you going!

Download and Print it Here –> Baby’s First Autumn Scavenger Hunt

For more grandparenting resources and encouragement, join the GPAZ Community today!

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