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Baby’s First Easter Intentional Memory Keeping [FREE Printable]

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

A baby’s first Easter marks a special time for families. If faith is a cornerstone in your family, you’ll want to be intentional about how you record each grandchild’s first Easter experience. Here are some ways to capture memories and hopes for the future.

Tips for Memory Keeping

  1. Write or record digital audio with your thoughts about the celebration of Easter, family faith foundations, and the welcoming of this individual child into the family. Perhaps this is the very first grandchild or maybe the 10th, either way, record how you and other family members are reacting, what was unique about this child’s entry into the world, where they were born, and what you hope for their future, etc.

  2. Don’t forget to take pictures! With the advent of great cameras on our smartphones, I’ve found I sometimes get caught up in activities and forget to take pictures even though it’s easier than ever to do. I used to get my big camera out and just having it sitting around would remind me to take some pics of a special day or celebration.

  3. Print the pictures. Oh my, I have so many pics on my phone that never made it to be processed and printed. Do you? Then buy a new frame, plan a collage, whatever you need to do to push yourself into getting actual prints and framed photos to enjoy.

  4. Create a First’s Memory Box. Ask for permission to gather items from the first throughout the year and create a shadow box. A caution here. If the parents are already doing this, don’t overstep and ask for items they are preserving. If they are not saving special clothing or toys, ask for permission to keep them. Then create a memento for either yourself or them to enjoy. Someday, this unique item might be a gift to an older or adult grandchild.

  5. Choose a Scripture to commemorate this faith-based first and find an artistic way to save the memory. Maybe a handmade card or calligraphy drawing in a frame?

  6. Make a recording of the Easter story from Scripture or a children’s book and save it for your grandchildren. It can be as simple as recording on your smartphone and sharing the digital file. If you are more technologically inclined, you can create a recording and share via online platforms or individual digital recorders. 

How Do You Preserve Your Grands’ First Memories?

Intentional memory keeping requires a little effort but has a big payoff. Family memories are preserved, stories are re-lived time and time again, and connections to our past are secured. Understanding our family history, traditions, and values is one of the best ways for young people to launch successfully into their own adult life. Grandparents, we can be a huge part of building strong family foundations for the little ones we love so much.

Print your Baby’s First Easter Intentional Memory Keeping worksheet for Easter here!

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