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Baby’s First Holiday Season [Intentional Memory Keeping]

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Baby’s first holiday season is a magical time filled with joy and celebration of new life. In the midst of the busy season, we’d like to encourage you to take time to do some intentional memory-keeping. Find unique ways to capture the firsts so you can look back and remember the gift of life.

Memory-Keeping Ideas for Baby’s First Holiday Season

Pictures have always been a mainstay of memory keeping. One of the delightful trends right now is capturing the firsts with easy props then editing in captions. We can edit easily on our phones seconds after taking a photo. Not only do we get studio-quality photos on our smartphones but we can quickly record dates, times, events, and locations directly on the photo. If we’re careful, we never again have to guess which child and which year a photo was taken!

Special outfits are also a tradition around the holidays. If you’ve saved them from when your own children were young, get them out to capture pics and moments shared between the generations. Be careful not to exclude or override the young parents’ wishes, however. Let them gather new outfits and enjoy the magical moments, too.

Start a new traditional photo pose. Social media sharing has given us all a peek into the traditions of other families. I’ve seen several who recreate photos over the years as siblings age. It’s so interesting to see the progression and transformation of a family over time. While some would frustrate over changing looks and bodies, we can choose to shift our focus to expanding families, new generations, and growing love.

As you consider your grandparenting and family dynamics in the first season of grandparenting, capture as many firsts as you can and make a plan to capture them again as other Grands arrive. It’s so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind and miss the “first” moments. Families would all benefit from slowing down the 21st-century pace a bit and savoring the first moments of their latest family members.

To help you as you gather these precious memories this holiday season, here is a FREE Printable checklist!

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