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Baby’s First Spring [Intentional Memory Keeping]

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

A baby’s first Spring is a special time for families as it brings to mind the wonderful promise and potential of new life. It is also a busy time of year with cleaning, yard care, gardening, and more. With so much going on it can be easy to forget to preserve these precious memories for your Grands!

Baby’s First Spring Memory Keeping Tips

  1. Keeping a cute representation of your Grands little handprints and footprints is a favorite for many families. For Spring you could use gentle paint and a little creativity to turn their handprints and footprints into a keepsake flower painting.

  2. If your Grand is old enough to enjoy it, you could spend a day at a farm or petting zoo visiting the baby animals. It is always fun to watch young children respond to these sweet creatures. Don’t forget to take pictures!

  3. Print the pictures. Oh my, I have so many pics on my phone that never made it to be processed and printed. Do you? Then buy a new frame, plan a collage, whatever you need to do to push yourself into getting actual prints and framed photos to enjoy.

  4. Create a wildflower memory book! If you live in a rural area, take the time to go for a walk and collect the wildflowers that bloom this Spring. You can press them and make notes about the favorite flowers of each of your Grands’ loved ones. This memory garden will be a sweet gift when the child is older!

How Do You Preserve Your Grands’ First Memories?

Intentional memory keeping requires a little effort but has a big payoff. Family memories are preserved, stories are re-lived time and time again, and connections to our past are secured. Understanding our family history, traditions, and values is one of the best ways for young people to launch successfully into their own adult life. Grandparents, we can be a huge part of building strong family foundations for the little ones we love so much.

Print your Baby’s First Spring Intentional Memory Keeping worksheet here!

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