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Baby’s First Summer [Intentional Memory Keeping]

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

I saw summer baby clothing in a store recently and it reminded me of the first summers with our grandbabies. Chubby little arms and legs sticking out of super cute, colorful rompers and shorts. Lovely grandparenting memories! A baby’s first summer is a special time for making precious memories.

If this is the first summer with a grandchild, don’t forget to capture all the summer fun for memory books. Here are some things to watch and prep for:

  1. Summer holidays. You may want to help find special outfits and gear.

  2. Summer birthdays or other family gatherings. Take lots of pics and capture photos with family members not frequently gathered in one spot. Look for those multigeneration shots that make great memories as elders pass away.

  3. First trip to the pool, whether it’s the backyard or the favorite local swimming spot. Water and babies are a hoot!

  4. Trips to the lake, mountains, or other landmarks.

  5. Summer vacation trips. Plan accordingly with both supplies and the pace of the trip. Make time for naps.

  6. Tastes of summer. While it might be a little early for solids, watermelon juice might be a fun treat for a baby.

  7. Textures of summer. Babies are being bombarded with new stimuli every day. What responses come as a result of toes in sand or fingers in the grass? Get photos and write down the funny memories.

  8. Summer safety. Remember the sunscreen! As a fair-skinned person who burns easily, seeing delicate baby skin exposed to the sun makes me run for the tube or spray. Young moms and dads are busy and having an extra tube of sunscreen on hand is never a bad idea. If it’s not needed, great. If it is, your grandma or grandpa bag of goodies will be much appreciated.

Summer is a great time with children. We can enjoy their excitement and recapture some of our own great memories of summers past. Make baby’s first summer a wonderful time of collecting memories!

Click the link for your FREE memory-keeping Printable to help get you started.

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