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Best Job on Earth

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

We once knew a professional couple who quit their jobs so they could take care of grandchildren. These were people making good money with successful careers. Why would they give up what the world views as valuable? Love. Because they found a better job. The best job on earth for them. Minding the grandchildren they love, while parents work.

Love sometimes dictates decisions that don’t make sense to others. But a person motivated by love sees beyond the short sight of common views. If it’s possible, setting aside professional achievement and picking up family responsibilities may make sense for some. Admittedly, not everyone has the financial freedom to let go of jobs and take up grandcare. If the situation allows, however, there are some nice benefits that go with the new job.

For example, health and wellness. While taking care of children is a little harder as we age, it’s good for us. Gets us up away from the desk or couch and moving. I know my middle-aged body needs the exercise! The feeling of wellbeing and joy that often settles at the end of a day, when the work is done and young ones are snoozing, offers gratification in ways the corporate world often fails to provide.

And what about insurance? Grandparents often sit around and bemoan the current state of society. “It’s not like when we were kids.” “What’s going to become of this generation?” In this job, they can self-insure and help make certain family values and history are passed down. Culture’s voice won’t be quite so loud, if the family voice is strong and harmonious among parents and grandparents. Messaging is important!

This job also has some of the best coworkers you’ll ever find. Working together as a family doesn’t have to be fraught with conflict. It will be what we make of it. When we look around at those we love, acknowledge that we have common goals of giving young family members the best start in life possible, and choose to work as a team, we can accomplish great things. It’s how solid families have done it for generations.

What would you do if you could sign up for the best job on earth?

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