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Education for Grandparents

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

GPAZ is all about education this month. Let’s take today to talk about education for grandparents. First, I am a staunch advocate of lifelong learning. In my opinion, there’s a part of us that starts stagnating as soon as we choose to stop looking for new things to experience or learn.

Education for Grandparents

Let’s think through some ways we can keep learning, even in our senior years.

  1. Check-in with your community college if there’s one in your town. You might choose to get or finish that degree you always wanted. There are often many other classes available that are non-credit life enrichment classes. It might be art, history, or other skills. Many times this type of class is available at a greatly reduced cost, or perhaps even free.

  2. Local museums, galleries, or businesses might offer learning experiences that tie into their specialty.

  3. Check your online community pages on places like Facebook to see postings of events.

  4. In many towns, there are businesses that teach painting or crafting projects along with serving wine or food. It’s a fun way to add a new skill while socializing with friends or family, too!

  5. While the world is very much online, we shouldn’t forget our local libraries. There are often programs or speakers offered that can expand our horizons.

  6. And, online learning! Oh my. There are classes, tours, and events online by the thousands. Personally, I’ve found this an amazing way to learn and grow both knowledge and skills.

Grandparents, keep learning! It will keep you young at heart and give you lots to talk about with your Grands. Surprise them by picking up some new skill that’s hot in their world. Maybe you can learn to make Tik Tok videos and impress them with how up-to-date you are!

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