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Five Beauty Tips for Grandmas

Flash blog! 5 Beauty Tips for Grandmas. We often struggle to feel beautiful as we age. Many women battle poor self-images when they are young and this is only magnified by changes that occur as we age. Do yourself a favor and STOP negative self-talk! Here are a few ideas to help you shake up your beauty routine and get that glow going again.


Get enough rest. As mature women, we show the lack of sleep much more prominently on our faces. If you can’t make that happen and need a morning mask that livens up your skin, check out Earth Harbor’s Glow Juice. It feels silky going on and leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth.


Choose your makeup carefully. Wrinkles invite foundation into the crevices and draw attention to them. Play up your eyes with some great mascara and let your lashes bring the drama. One great mascara is Wunderextensions. I have used it for years and love how it stays in place no matter what. Crying, sweating, raining - doesn’t matter. Your lashes don’t run down your face! Remove it easily with Lancome’s Bi-facil.


Working within your budget, find the products that help make your hair and gray shine with all its glory! Gray hair can be wiry and difficult or amazingly beautiful. Find what works for your hair type and make the silver shimmer. I especially like some of the Kerastase products as they don’t irritate my sensitive skin and scalp. They’ve helped me tame the gray hairs that insisted on standing straight out of my hairdos.


Choose clothing colors that highlight and complement your new grandma coloring. Hair color changes and how skin tones are affected by them, dramatically change how colors look on us. Make the change if you’ve switched from looking best in warm tones to looking best in cool tones. Don’t hold onto clothing that no longer compliments your face. Anything that makes you look or feel drab needs to go out the door.


Smile, smile, smile! No one likes a sourpuss. We may have moments of doubting our beauty as older women or hating the latest wrinkle to blossom on our faces. It’s a reality we must face. Counter any unhappiness you have about aging with the joy of living and put a smile on your face. The simplest of experiences, like hearing birds singing in the spring or holding a new grandchild, can make us smile and bask in contentment. Look for both the simple and the grand expressions of joy in your life!

Be secure in your beauty, grandma. You’ve earned your glory years!

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