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Five Fun Activities to Prepare for the New Year

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

It’s almost 2022! Here are five fun activities to prepare your Grands for the New Year.

5 Ways to Prepare for the New Year

  1. Gather the Grands and a calendar and plan 1-5 family gatherings for 2022. After you’ve picked dates and activities, put them into a document with some activity-appropriate images for the little ones to color. For teenage Grands, have them set up a family online calendar to share with everyone.

  2. Pick out a book series to read aloud to your Grands. Pick out 2-3 ahead of time, then let the Grands vote on which one. Either read together in person, over phone calls, or record yourself and share with them. If you record the story, they’ll have a lasting reminder of the year and your voice.

  3. Help your local Grands clean out school bags and refresh supplies. Save parents some time, get rid of last year’s germs, and start fresh for the New Year.

  4. Have a “form a new habit” conversation with older Grands. Set them on the course to seek to improve themselves every year. Make sure to let them choose what they want to work on and encourage them with ideas to help form their new habits. You might help them with supplies needed, weekly reminders, and rewards for making their goals.

  5. Make a Family Love List. Explain to your Grands how important it is to love family members and share ways to show that love, then ask for their ideas. Turn all the gathered ideas into a Family Love List. If you’re super creative, make a sign or piece of artwork for their rooms or households as gentle reminders about how to demonstrate the love they feel for family.

Every new year brings opportunities, hope, and new beginnings. Teach your Grands to take time to evaluate the year past, hope and dream for the future, and then turn their dreams into realities. We hope 2022 is a happy and blessed year for you and your family! Let us know in the comments below how you prepare for the New Year.

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