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Five Ways to Engage Your Grands and Turn the Tech Off

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

For today, let’s talk about five ways to engage your Grands and turn off the tech.

Ideas to Engage Your Grands

  1. Card games – Remember playing War and Go Fish? Unless your parents played adult card games, you may have forgotten what a treat it is to sit around the table and play cards. Recently, my husband started playing War with a twist with the Grands since then it’s been a loud, fun-filled way to set the tech aside. He buys multiple small items and puts them in a big bowl in the center of the table. Whoever wins the war, gets to choose a prize. They love it! The toys and gadgets aren’t expensive but the children love winning something. Then as they get older, you can teach them more complex games to play.

  2. Board games – Again, great times around the table laughing and learning to win and lose. Meanwhile, you can harness that sibling rivalry with some healthy competition instead of loud bickering. This is always a winning idea.

  3. Outside activities – Even modern kids will find something to do outside if you insist they play in the backyard. Make sure it’s safe, but sunshine and running are great for young ones. For older Grands, find a new place to visit and walk, see an outdoor market, or take in a historical site. Don’t forget that sunshine and fresh air are good for you too! Enjoy that time playing with your young Grands outdoors.

  4. Take a drive – If you live near unusual geographical areas or other types of landmarks take a drive and share some local history. Then stop for lunch and sightseeing if you have time. Our friend Liz, recently told me about how her grandparents would take all the grandkids on drives to show where previous generations of the family lived and talk about what they would have experienced as Pioneers in the American West.

  5. Take an art class together – This might be best done with older Grands, too. Encourage talent and talk over paint and a project. There are lots of studios where you can do a class project and take home your creation. Check out what your area has to offer, then have a grandchild or two accompany you. Especially if you have teenage or young adult grandchildren, this could be a great way to reconnect and spend quality time with them.

Fill us in on how you get your Grands off the tech by leaving ideas in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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