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Fun Autumn Activities to Share With Your Grands

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Fall brings relief from the heat of summer and lots of fun autumn activities we can share with our Grands. For today’s post, I’ve gathered together a few ideas for enjoying the seasonal transition with your grandchildren. I can’t wait to see which one is your favorite!

Autumn Activities to Share

Stick Figure Leaf People Craft

I saw a new (to me) one recently in a Tik Tok video. Colorful fall leaves had been gathered, trimmed, then were glued to paper and turned into clothes for stick figure people. I was amazed at the creativity and variety as I saw artistic images of people develop from what we normally rake and dispose of. Gather some leaves, construction paper, glue sticks, and markers to create some leafy people art with your Grands!

Share Autumn Recipes and Traditions

Fall is a great time to share traditions with the Grands as we engage in activities, too. Traditional family recipes for pumpkin and apples lend to great times spent with Grands when we can talk and share family stories. In our family, we’ve made pumpkins cookies in the fall for years. I love seeing my grandchildren baking and enjoying the same cookies my children did. Do you have family recipes you can share and teach to your grandchildren? Tell them the stories of how it became a tradition. Write the recipe down and start cookbooks with your Grands who are interested and have an affinity for cooking.

Autumn Scenic Drive

What about car rides through the colorful change of season? Point out different types of trees and the colors each displays in the fall. These days children have lots of screen time between school and entertainment. A little time spent in the car learning to appreciate the seasonal beauty may be just what the family needs on a Saturday afternoon. Some Grands from out of state visited us recently and they definitely took note of how different our part of the country looks from theirs. We can encourage interest in seasons and geographical differences by simply spending a bit of time showing them and talking about them.

Seasonal Decorating

Of course, there are holidays to prepare for, too. As grandchildren get older, they can help with seasonal decor changes. While they are lending a helping hand to grandparents, they are also learning about the beauty they can create in their own home environment. It doesn’t take much to lend a festive feel to our homes and children delight in the anticipation of seasonal activities or holiday preparations.

Please share your favorite fall activities with your Grands. We’d love to know how you make the transition and embrace the season!

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