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Getting Involved in Your Grands’ Spring Activities

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

It’s time to welcome warm weather and get involved in your Grands’ spring activities! The calendar drove my life when my children were young and spring was a marathon of getting everyone where they needed to be at the right time. It was exhausting and glorious all at the same time.

Now, as you and I enjoy watching our Grands grow, we have an opportunity to once again be involved in spring activities with young family members. Why is this so important?

For the Grands, it gives them lots of family support and builds their confidence. For most of us, as we have the approval of the people we love, we are more open to trying new things. When we were young, family interaction and support encouraged us to dream, explore, and achieve. Now we can offer that same experience to the next generation of our family simply by showing up.

For our Grands’ parents, we may be that extra driver or audience member when activities overlap. One of the hardest decisions to make when there are multiple children in a household is which activity to attend when there’s a timing conflict. If family members live in the same locale, grandparents can help make sure someone special to the child is at all events.

For the grandparents, there are two distinct joys to celebrate when attending Grands’ activities. First, the delight of watching the young ones we love so much. They are, of course, the best singers, sports players, artists, and students ever, right?! There are also the nostalgic memory joggers of the special times spent with our own children at their activities. It’s surprising to me how many memories are cached in our brains to come vividly back to life as we watch our Grands. Getting involved with our Grands’ activities is truly a dynamic experience that spans decades in some moments.

As you’re enjoying the warmth and renewal of spring, I hope you are tracking the events and keeping your calendar up to date. Talk to your children regularly about upcoming events and how you can help make them happen and cheer on the accomplishments of your Grands.

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