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How to Pack the Perfect Dress-Up Bag for Your Grands

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Playing dress-up is a wonderful adventure for many little ones. Their imaginations come alive when they put on something other than their day-to-day clothing. This week’s great idea comes from Liz who works with Grandparenting A to Z. When she was young, one of her grandmothers had a carpetbag prepared especially for dress-up times for her young grandchildren. Check out Liz’s list of how to create the perfect Dress-up Bag for your Grands!

Liz’s Dress-Up Bag for Your Grands

Thank you, for the intro, Donna! My Grandma has a very special gift for planning intentional time with her grandchildren. Dress-up days were some of our favorites because they went beyond just putting on a silly costume. She planned a dress-up day with the purpose of spending quality time with her Granddaughters and passing down heirlooms that we will treasure for a lifetime.

She would start with the help of my Aunt by doing all three granddaughters’ hair and makeup, then we would choose our favorite outfit from the carpetbag Grandma had gathered together of her old dresses.

When we were all ready and looking our best, Grandma would serve the “tea.” We drank out of real teacups but the liquid was generally juice when we were little. She also served cookies that had been cut to a mini size, which made them somehow more special and delicious than regular non-teatime cookies. While we enjoyed our tea we would talk about everything under the sun. Sometimes she would even pull out the family photograph albums for us to enjoy.

My favorite part of the dress-up day always came at the end. Normally we weren’t allowed into Grandma’s bedroom, but on tea days we would climb the stairs to her room and she would bring out her jewelry box. Each of the granddaughters was allowed to pick one piece of jewelry to take home.

Now your dress-up days don’t have to be this elaborate. It is the intention behind creating these beautiful memories for your Grands that really counts!

What would make a dress-up day special for your Grands?

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