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Keeping Up With Current Education Trends for Your Grands

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Keeping up with current education trends for our Grands can be a bit of a challenge for grandparents. Things are changing at a lightning-fast pace. Here are three ideas I think we can enlist to help us be positive influences in the process of educating our Grands.

Three Ways to Keep Up With Current Education Trends

Recognize the Evolving Role of Technology

First, we must recognize the continuing and evolving role technology continues to play in education. The pandemic highlighted and accelerated the digital learning process at all levels. Grade school children up through professionals obtaining ongoing education certifications have seen a quick acceleration of acceptance of distance learning. This is so different from our educational experiences that it might feel uncomfortable and less effective. We may have concerns about socialization skills being lost or true teacher-to-student assistance. Ask questions of your grands’ parents. Talk to the grands’ teachers too if you have access to them. What are the recommendations to maximize the digital learning process? What are the problems families encounter? How can you assist?

Focus on the Positive

Next, play up the positive in the new learning environment. Our Grands have information at their fingertips and know how to search for it online. True, they can find things they don’t need to access, but the amazing amount of knowledge they can find instantly is considerable. One of our grandsons is into science and conversing with him is much different than with most eleven-year-olds. He explores and learns things he wouldn’t have learned in times past. His mind is challenged by ideas he might not have been exposed to years ago. We, as grandparents, can be a part of guiding such young ones into understanding the power, and danger, of the tools at their fingertips so that their education is truly being enhanced.

Research and Conversation

Finally, do some of your own research on current educational trends, then talk with other adult family members and decide how to approach them as a family. Articles are abundant and address such matters as:

Digital and hybrid learning systems

Decreasing attention spans

Soft skills training in higher education

Artificial intelligence and its impact in learning

Game-based learning

Keeping up with current education trends can be overwhelming but with our rapidly changing world, one thing is certain, we will get left behind if we don’t take the initiative to understand what is happening in the lives of our grandchildren. As it relates to education, our Grands are living a very different experience than we did and even that our own children might have. I encourage you to do the work and stay tuned in. Ask lots of questions, offer to help where you can, and don’t be afraid of new ideas. Help your Grands overcome and succeed in an educational environment that is changing quickly.

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