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Learn How Intentional Relationship Building Will Change Your Legacy

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

We form family relationships in part by simple association. But the deep bonds of great relationships are formed by great communication habits. Nothing good, or bad, happens in a family without some sort of communication. Whether by spoken words, body language, or the “silent treatment”, we are always communicating some message to our loved ones. Instead of letting communications be haphazard or easily misinterpreted, we can learn to be intentional and very quickly improve communication with those most important to us. Together, let’s discuss how intentional relationship-building will change your legacy!

Intentional Relationship Building

Here are three things to remember:

Listen. Oh, it’s very simple advice but so often forgotten. We tend to be thinking ahead to what we intend to say next instead of listening to what is being said to us. Work consistently to pause and listen.

Pause before you speak. As you pause to listen, take an extra few seconds to think about what you’re about to say. Conversations don’t have to happen at lightning speed. With modern tech, we’ve fallen into the habit of thinking everything has to happen instantly. It doesn’t. Take that little bit of extra time to look into the eyes of the one you love, formulate an answer or a question, and speak it in the right spirit. It can make all the difference in how your words are interpreted by the listener.

Take time to make the appropriate physical gestures. It is amazing how a hug, a smile, a kiss on the cheek, or a pat on the arm can bring instant intimacy and trust into a moment. I’ve been surprised many times by the delighted hug, sweet kiss, or running welcome of a grandchild. It always MAKES MY HEART SING!

How did the young ones learn to communicate this way? By the intentional acts of parents and grandparents.

What are they learning?

How to build relationships.

How will it affect the future?

We’ll have much deeper conversations and many more diverse opportunities because we’ve chosen this path.

We all teach our young family members how to communicate and thus how to build relationships. When we are intentional and conscious of our interaction with them, we teach them to build these relationships in a strong and lasting way.

How will it change our legacy?

Relationships, particularly those of family, are what propel families into the future. It’s like building a house. With strong foundations, you can add on rooms and maybe even another story. With great communication skills, you can add more dynamics to family relationships. You can be together without family feuds breaking out. Which might lead to building businesses together and passing them on for generations. You can travel and explore the world together. Those shared memories and experiences add layers of depth and intellect to each generation. Opportunities begin to be present that are not when we aren’t intentional in our relationship building.

Find ways to build communication and relationships in your family now. The payoff will cover many years of family interaction. For encouragement and resources for intentional relationship building with your family, join the GPAZ community today!

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