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Making Hope a Habit

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Having hope is a struggle some days. As we think about habits and changes in the New Year, let’s think about keeping hope as a part of our daily life. Hope is about optimism and the expectation of good things to come. What can we do to make hope a habit?

Intentionally, shift the focus of our thoughts and feelings.

We have the great ability to think, decide, and discern. Nothing stops us from using that ability to direct our focus. Some might say we are subject to the influence of others, media, and circumstances. As a result, they say we don’t have much control over our thoughts and feelings. Yes, those things might influence us, but we still have the power to choose what we concentrate on in our own minds and hearts. 

Making Hope a Habit

The key to making hope a habit is to constantly check our thoughts and feelings, search our minds and hearts, to see how they align with hope. If we find our thoughts and feelings are dwelling on the negative and falling into the hopeless category, then we must choose to make the shift. Find something in life to affirm hope. We can look at faith, family, and good things around us and actively redirect our minds and hearts. We have within us the power to overcome the negative influences around us!

Don’t misinterpret my words to suggest that we ignore difficult news or circumstances. Not at all. I suggest we reflect on how much of our precious energy is consumed by things we can not change. We should, stay abreast of current events and interact with people at work and home when they’re being difficult. But nothing dictates that we must give ourselves wholly to the negatives of life. We will be more at peace with ourselves and those around us if we make a diligent effort to focus on the positive.

Hope, and all the good things that flow from choosing to align our minds and hearts with it, can be one of the greatest habits we ever form.

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