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Motherhood Lessons I Learned From My Mother

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Examples are great teachers. We learned math from examples in school and much of what we learn about motherhood starts early on as we watch our own mothers. Today I’m going to share a few lessons I learned from my mother.

Lessons I Learned from My Mother

Unfailing love. No matter what, Mom was always there to talk, comfort, laugh, and make our house a home. Children need the security of love. It’s an essential building block for the rest of their lives. When children know they are loved, they are more open to these next two lessons I learned from my mother.

Creativity. My mom is an artist. She sews, paints, and crafts. She taught my sisters and me how to use our hands to be creative, too. This led to each of us taking on that creativity in our own way. You unlock a child’s potential partially through having someone able and willing to spark creativity. Moms who encourage and let children explore creativity, whatever the medium, help ignite dreams and ideas in young minds. Just think how proud your Grands are to see that picture they colored for you hanging on the fridge!

Curiosity. This goes hand-in-hand with creativity but deserves to be explored on its own. Children love to ask why. They are born with a certain amount of natural curiosity. Mothers and fathers can squelch or encourage curiosity. When encouraged, curiosity in a child can lead to a great mind able to think through and solve problems or create new ways of doing things. A mama who celebrates curiosity and answers questions leads a child into a world of opportunity.

What lessons did you learn about motherhood from your mom?

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