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Passing On The Value of Classical Education

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

There’s much controversy surrounding education in our present day. Many are concerned with the lack of understanding of history, government, and even language and communication that is becoming evident among our young. Employers are struggling in the workplace with employees coming away from colleges without certain analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. Perhaps we’ve drifted away from valuing and applying the art of classical education.

Valuing Classical Education

What is classical education? It is an educational style that places emphasis on history, literature, and language studies. It’s designed to train young minds to think by studying wisdom, virtue, and looking for goodness and truth. Facts are pertinent, of course, but how are the facts applied to the human experience. By making such an application, how is one’s own life experience informed and impacted? What do we do to analyze, study, and make life better for our community by understanding the lessons of past generations? How do we move forward without becoming pawns in the hands of those who would mislead society for personal gain? How do we search for the great truths of the human experience?

As grandparents, we hold a unique position of influence. Consequently, we can supplement what our Grands are learning by using part of the time we spend with them to share books, museums, and experiences designed to ignite the great question, Why? Most children start out in life asking that question frequently. The pace of modern life often tramples over getting good answers to their questions. Therefore, in our time spent with Grands, we can choose to slow the pace down. We can introduce concepts, knowledge, and experiences that they might not be receiving elsewhere. As a result, we will pass down a love of learning and a framework within which young minds will begin to think, judge, and experience life in a much deeper way.

How Are You Sharing Your Education Values?

One of the paradoxes of aging is coming to understand how much you still don’t know. Even though you’ve lived multiple decades, been educated, succeeded in careers, etc. As we might seek ourselves to answer the deeper questions of life, we can share them with our Grands. Like generations past who spent time reading and conversing instead of gaming and watching television, we can help train our Grands to have agile minds capable of independent thinking and reasoning.

If you’re curious and want to learn more about classical education and purchase resources that would help you in adding to your grands’ educational experience, check out this website. 

They are not a sponsor of Grandparenting A to Z, but they are a great resource for your Classical Education needs.

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