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Pulling Apart or Pulling Together: 5 Common Mistakes Made in a Family Crisis

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

There are 5 common mistakes made in a family crisis. They can be the difference between a family pulling together to overcome or pulling apart. These mistakes can lead to a family experiencing the breakdown of important relationships.

Common Mistakes Made in a Family Crisis

  1. Placing blame – A crisis may come as a result of a mistake but pointing fingers in the midst of it don’t help. When the dust settles, if there are corrective actions or tough conversations to have, do it then.

  2. Failing to be compassionate – Whether the predicament being faced by a family creates physical or emotional pain or both, now is the time for compassion. Somebody is hurting and family can be the best source of comfort.

  3. Ignoring the needs of others – It is easy to become self-absorbed with our own feelings and needs during a struggle. For a family to overcome together, we all need to look out for one another’s feelings and needs.

  4. Isolating from others – Closely related to number three on our list is the tendency to isolate during a crisis. Here, however, we want to pinpoint the type of disconnect that causes deep withdrawal from loved ones and friends. We can help family members by watching for signs of mental health issues that need professional attention.

  5. Failing to look for opportunity in the midst of the crisis – The longer we live, the more we come to understand the old adage about every cloud has a silver lining. Sometimes, what seems to be a disaster, in the beginning, turns out to be a turning point for the better. We can choose to look for opportunities and important lessons inside each struggle we face. This is the place where the human spirit rises to a challenge and has the victory!

We will all face challenges, both large and small. How we work together as a family to rise above them and come out better for having gone through the experience together can be a testimony to a family’s strength and unity.

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