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Supporting Your Children’s Education Choices for Your Grands

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

If you’re not already aware, check out how education is becoming a contentious matter for so many these days. In the midst of a global pandemic, changing cultural and moral values, and political rhetoric have turned schooling into a point of disagreement. While we have strong passions at GPAZ, we often try to take an analytical approach so that grandparents can think about issues from their family’s perspective. Therefore, this week, we want to tackle how to support your children’s choices in education for your Grands.

Remember as you consider this topic that the ultimate goal for the family is to meet the best interests and needs of the Grands. Unless your family is in total agreement, there may be compromises necessary if you want to have an active role in the educational process. Otherwise, you might be asked to stay out of the discussion.

Support Your Children’s Education Choices

With that said, here are some things you can do to support your children’s education choices for your grandchildren:

  1. Keep decision-making conversations between you and your adult children as is appropriate. Primarily, don’t engage in presenting enticing options with the grand present and putting your children in difficult positions of having to say no if they don’t like the option. Let your children bring the Grands into conversations when they feel the time is right.

  2. Along with the above suggestion, present a united front to the Grands once decisions have been made.

  3. Say you support their parents’ decisions in the presence of your Grands. If Grands don’t like the school chosen for them by their parents, find something good to say if the Grands complain.

  4. Help with tuition, other school fees, and supplies if your budget allows. Your financial help may make a huge difference! It’s important to communicate with your children, to know their financial needs. 

  5. Talk with grandchildren frequently about the importance of education, but make it fun. Find a historical figure and share how education helped them achieve their goals. Success stories inspire people of all ages.

  6. Get involved in the daily support of educational decisions. If choosing a private school that’s across town is your children’s choice, help with driving as you are able.

We all want the 2021-2022 school year to be a great success for our Grands. Let’s be a positive influence in the process and help our children in this life-building task.

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