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Taking Time to Refresh

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

I love the beauty and renewal of spring! It’s a time of growth, life, beauty, and refreshing. As we see the world around us beginning to burst with color and new life, we feel an uplift in our spirit and the hopes of a new season. With spring comes an opportunity to refresh our hearts and souls, too. Today we’ll discuss the importance of taking time to refresh.

As the grays of winter begin to fade, let’s remind ourselves that no season lasts forever. Like the seasons of nature change, so do the seasons and cycles of our lives. We may suffer loss, experience difficulties, and endure pain but change and healing come in time.

If we allow it. 

Today, I want to encourage you to search for something happening during the spring season to bring refreshing to your heart, mind, and soul. Allow yourself the grace to spend a few minutes or hours restoring peace and beauty to your soul. Do you enjoy the early morning bird song? Take a few minutes and just listen. Don’t move instantly into the busyness of your day. Do you enjoy the fresh clean smell after a spring rain? Stand outside for a few minutes before you rush in to escape the weather. Close your eyes and let your olfactory senses take over for a few minutes. Do you need to dig into the earth and plant something? Do it!

Allow spring to bring a refreshing to you today. Find something about it that you love and embrace the beauty of new life. Take time to refresh. It’s worth it, it’s necessary and it’s good for you.

How are you taking time to refresh this spring? Let us know in the comments!

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