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Telling Your Love Story With Keepsakes for Future Generations

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

You can tell your love story to your Grands with keepsakes. Look around your home and you will probably see many items that remind you of your time together with your spouse. What is the memory, experience, or love lesson each represents? Here are three quick questions to answer about a keepsake that will help convey its part in your love story when talking with your Grands.

Telling Your Love Story Tips

  1. What is the item? While this may be obvious if you have an exotic piece picked up during travel it may need some explanation.

  2. When did you get it? Was it a purchase made on the other side of the world during your honeymoon or other vacation? Did you pick it up on your best lazy Saturday ever at a local flea market? Was it a gift from your spouse?

  3. What about it reminds you of the love you share with your spouse? Here’s the important bit of information to tie an item into your love story. What uniquely makes this memento part of your story? Was it your first purchase as husband and wife? Was it the menu during the most important meal you ever shared together? What is the memory that comes to mind every time you see this keepsake?

Here’s an example from my love story with Cliff. I have a heart-shaped, cloth-covered, trinket box he gave me many years ago. It had several small items inside when he gave it to me. While the box and the gifts inside were simple and inexpensive, the care and thought he took in putting them together for me spoke of the intimacy and love we were learning to share. At the moment, this item is boxed as we push through the process of building a new home, but one day, as I share it with my Grands, they will learn that simple gifts can bring a lifetime of happy moments of memories and love.

We’ve put together a FREE Printable with prompts and space for your notes as you gather these precious keepsakes for telling your love story to your Grands.

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