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The Importance for Grandparents to Take a Digital Detox Too

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Digital detox is important for grandparents, too. Have you noticed how much of your time is consumed by phones, tablets, and computers these days? It’s startling if you take a minute to remember the “before times.” I can actually remember when I didn’t have a home computer and my phone was on the wall! What did I do with myself for all those hours not spent online or in front of a screen?

Here’s another indication of too much screen time in my life. In truth, it’s a reflection of two modern issues – feeling the need to be productive 24/7 and being connected to digital all the time. I just scheduled a surprise getaway for myself and my husband. 6 days away with no real connectivity. Guess what? I had some panic about what we would do for that long away from work.

Ok, folks. That’s just sad. It’s time to detox and genuinely reconnect on the human level.

For as much as we love and interact with our family, we still fight this battle of being consumed by our digital machinery. As grandparents, we need to face this issue head-on and be courageous in how we confront it. I’m going to give you one very solid reason to do so. There are many reasons, of course. But this one is the most compelling.

One day, we will look around and the person beside us won’t be there. Spouse, parent, sibling, best friend, long-time neighbor, workmate. Whomever. Humans have an expiration date and we need to be truthful about that reality. Grandparents, depending on how old you are, you may be closer to the end of life than the beginning. Is digital technology where you want to spend your precious time?

I’m not trying to be dramatic. I’m just stating a reality. When weighing the value of screen time vs. human time, it’s a valid consideration. In our law practice, my husband and I have seen many families in shock at the sudden loss of a family member. Time spent together leaves great memories and legacies. Time missed often leaves regrets.

We spent a week with kids and grandkids this month when we went on a cruise together and didn’t have digital connectivity. We had meals together, spent time on the beach watching the kids play, laughed about them sleeping at the dinner table after a day in the sun and water, and came away refreshed. As we neared the end of our time together, I found myself dreading turning my phone back on to data mode. It seemed like the magic of the week would slip away. The magic wasn’t all lost but I will say that I learned a good lesson.

I need a good digital detox on occasion.

I look forward to another detox session and will make them happen more frequently. We can’t go cruising every month, but I can schedule more frequent times to get away from my computer, enjoy the company of family and friends, breathe some fresh air, and get re-grounded. I encourage you to do the same. In 2022, let’s step away from electronics more consistently and consciously than ever before. Let’s remember that Grandparents need a digital detox too.

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