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The Importance of Regularly Coming Together as a Family

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

The importance of coming together as a family regularly is hard to overstate. We need our family connections. Family lies at the heart of everything we strive for and hope for. Failure to make time for family often becomes the source of great regret for those nearing the end of their lives. Let’s look at seven ways coming together can bless us.

7 Ways Coming Together as a Family Can Bless Us

Connects – Coming together as a family connects us to the greater circle of relatives. We can see and interact personally with those who share a common ancestry, whether by birth, adoption, or marriage. We see our own existence through the lens of a group of people.

Centers – Coming together often centers us on what’s most important in life, who is most important, and on why we do the things we do, especially the difficult things. It’s so easy to fall into routines of work, family chores, home care, and the mundane. On occasion, we need to stop and center back on the people and purposes for our actions.

Encourages – There’s nothing quite like seeing a large family group with a new generation or two on full display. Youth and the beauty of new life encourage us to keep fighting the good fight. We see the future in young lives who are being shaped and formed into the adults of tomorrow. We know we have a part of the greater human experience.

Emboldens – Finding and appreciating the greater circle of family can embolden us to do new things. Embolden us to take on new challenges, and broaden our experiences. As we talk with the circle of people we are most connected to, we hear the stories of their life experiences and find hope and courage.

Uncovers – Coming together as a family might uncover needs and areas to work on as a family. Because of the busyness of modern life, we tend to drift away from relationships that aren’t front and center in our daily experience. It’s easy for weeks and months to go by in a blink and suddenly we haven’t conversed with loved ones. Coming together might bring to light health concerns that need comfort and prayer or relationship hurts that need mending.

Restores – Gathering as family restores our hope and directs our vision to the future. Watching the next generation or two grow up, become educated, and begin to function in the world as adults brings with it satisfaction and restoration of hope in the future – especially if the family has done well in teaching values and responsibility. We see the future and find hope in those who will come along behind us as we age and ultimately depart from this earth.

Revitalizes – Coming together as a family group can be a revitalizing experience if we let it. If we choose to focus on the joy, love, youth, experiences, and accomplishments of our family circle, we often get a burst of energy. That energy motivates us to keep working for the good of our closest loves. Whatever that work might look like. It may be the actual daily work that puts food on the table or the work of maintaining a home. It is also the work of pursuing solid family values and teaching them to the next generation. When we see the greater picture of family, as at a family reunion, we are energized and motivated to keep working toward life’s highest ideals.

Family reunions require a lot of effort to plan and accomplish but they are so worth it! Take a moment to reflect on the great work that can be done in the heart of our families by expending the effort to gather. As we wrap up July, I encourage you to attend reunions if your family has one or plan one yourself. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a huge event. Start small if this is a new experience and make ways to build family connections.

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