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Three Meaningful Ways to Build a Legacy of Love

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Legacies will vary from family to family but there are some common elements that flow through every successful legacy. Today, let’s visit three meaningful ways to build a legacy of love.

Ways to Build a Legacy of Love

Become a Serious Relationship Builder

First, true legacy builders are serious about building relationships. That may sound obvious but sadly it’s easy to slip into conflict, disconnect, or ambivalence in relationships. Those who actively work at appreciating, nurturing, mending, and maintaining the important relationships in their lives, leave much stronger lasting legacies. Why? Because the love shared lasts beyond our death.

Set Intentional Priorities

Second, leaving loving legacies means setting priorities. Oh haven’t we all had to face the choices between multiple pressing obligations? Only last week, while my business life was swirling in more than I could handle, five of the grandkids asked if I would go to the Denver Zoo with them on a Friday. Initially, I said no. I told them that I had so much to do at the office I couldn’t really take the time off.

I will NEVER forget the disappointed drop in five faces. How could I not change my mind? I changed my priorities in the moment. Guess what? All the work was still there when I got back to my office on Monday and I’m working through that stack every day like always. But the day at the zoo? It was great! I’ve been reliving moments of our zoo day ever since. Three generations had a good time, enjoyed the critters and the laughs, and spent a memorable day together.

Search Out Unique Ways to Enrich

Third, legacy builders search out unique ways to enrich the lives of their children. As modern grandparents, we live in one of the most informed, mobile, and globally cognizant eras ever. We can get creative in the activities we share, the lessons we teach, and the places we show our Grands. We can do amazing things with only a little extra effort. By exploring and being creative, we’ll teach our Grands to do the same.

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