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Visions of Grandparenting

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

When my husband and I first became grandparents, we started imagining what it would be like to interact with grandchildren. Ideals and dreams swirled in our minds and conversations. Between his, mine, and ours we had parented six children but this felt different. Now we weren’t facing the uncertainty and pressures of the early parenting years. We had held babies, nurtured them into adulthood, and experienced both the joys and trials. We knew it could be done. Somehow the confidence born of parenting unleashed visions of grandparenting that were so vivid as to be almost palpable.

We wanted to love, share, and teach in ways we had seemed a little too busy to enjoy as young parents. Back then the focus was survival and putting the next meal on the table. Now we could look at the little ones with pure pleasure and joy unfettered by the cares facing young parents. The abundance of dreams, hopes, and ideas became the birthing ground of Grandparenting A to Z.

As we enjoyed the next generation of our family, we became aware of how few resources there were to help grandparents prepare for and be an active part of their grandchildren’s lives, how to build a legacy of love for the next generation. We also knew, from years of working as estate planning attorneys, that many families struggled with their intergenerational relationships. Sometimes grandparents were too pushy, other times they weren’t involved, and others had broken family relationships that caused great pain.

Visions of Grandparenting

What if a community of grandparents could gather, learn, share, and grow together? What if resources and ideas were readily available to help with planning family activities or resolving modern family issues? As a result, the idea stirred into life and we started putting it together with the help of many technically talented friends.

Grandparenting A to Z creates content for its members with the unique challenges of grandparenting in mind. We’re finding experts, talking to one another, and encouraging grandparents everywhere to take active roles in prepping the next generation for life in the 21st century. We’ll talk about fun things and hard things. We’re going A to Z with all things Grandparenting.

Along the way, we want to get to know you and hear your stories. Follow the blog and join the conversation by making comments. Join our membership program. It’s inexpensive, easy to navigate, and you’ll find videos, interviews, and content you can’t find anywhere else.

How did becoming a grandparent inspire you?

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