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When Grandma Must Fill The Role of Mother Too

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Today we’ll be shedding some light on when Grandma must fill the role of mother too. Sometimes bad things happen. It’s a fact of life for all of us. More and more frequently these days grandmas are being called upon to become Moms to their grandchildren. While I’ve not experienced it personally, I have worked with many who have. I’ve even seen one great-grandmother take on the role of Mom.

It’s not easy. The deep love that moves a grandparent to step in and take on the duties of parenthood for grandchildren does not negate the pain that caused the need. Whether it be by death, addiction, or neglect, there’s always a crisis that precedes this situation. As a result, Emotions are high.

Fear and grief are among the top I’ve witnessed. Grandparents wonder how they will raise their Grands? How to overcome the pain? All while trying to help little ones heal from heartbreak and confusion as they grieve themselves? How to face the current challenges of parenting as an older person?

I have a great deal of respect for the men and women I’ve witnessed taking on this monumental task. Here, I’ll offer my respect, acknowledge my limitations in this area, and ask our community to jump in with wisdom.

When Grandma Must Fill the Role of Mother Too: Share Your Wisdom!

Have you been called upon to raise grandchildren?

What lesson have you learned in the process? 

Is there advice you would offer to others?

What gave you courage?

What gives you joy as you now look at your grandchildren through the Mom lens?

Again, because I have not done this myself I acknowledge my lack of experience in this area. To those of you who have taken on the task of raising grandchildren, I respect your commitment to family and pray for you to be strengthened and encouraged as you give of yourselves in this way.

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