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Great Gift Ideas for Grands Living Far Away

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Today, I want to share a couple of fun gift ideas for Grands living far away. It’s not always easy to give exactly what you’d like when distance is a part of the equation. The cost of shipping and the practicality of trying to give large gifts gets in the way. But there are some fun and unique ways to make gifting a hit no matter the miles.

Gift Ideas for Grands Living Far Away

One thing we’ve looked for is subscription boxes. Many services will provide a one-time or multi-month box of crafts or science experiments that Grands can enjoy. We sent a science box for several months to one of our grandsons. The kits were fun and his brothers were also able to enjoy the activities. If that might work for your Grands, simply do a Google search with a query like this, “subscription gifts for kids age 10 who like science.” All kinds of ideas and services will pop up and you can choose your favorite. We went with Little Passports and it was a great season of gifts for the grandsons.

Another focus can be on giving experiences, rather than items. This year, the parents of our grandchildren who were living out of state were planning a holiday trip to Wolf Lodge in Texas. We added a day to the trip as part of the boys’ Christmas gift. The whole family will get to spend more time enjoying the water parks and some adventure while they’re on school vacation. We have always traveled with our children and grandchildren and love the way it opens hearts and minds to new adventures. 

Of course, we also take advantage of Amazon lists and Prime shipping to help make sure there are still presents under the tree or boxes arriving on birthdays. Kids do love unwrapping presents and we love watching their enthusiasm as they do it!

Giving gifts is a delight and happy part of life. Make the holidays a special time by searching out what each child might like. Yes, we’ll have years when it’s not easy and after a certain age children like to receive money, but it’s always fun to try and find the perfect gift for each child. Some years we strike gold!

Let us know in the comments what you’re favorite gift ideas are for Grands living far away.

Happy gifting grandparents!

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