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The Most Essential Career Tip You Can Share With Your Grandchildren

There is much advice grandparents can share, but what is the most essential career tip you can share with your grandchildren? When you pause and think about it, you might be surprised what rises to the top as your favorite advice.

career tips being shared with grandchildren

Here’s mine.

Go into your career with a mindset of constant learning and growth. As a professional and long-time employer, one of the weaknesses I see in our current workforce is the willingness to self-limit by taking a “that’s not my job” stance.

Anyone in the work world that decides to learn, take on extra duties, seek new skills, and go the extra mile becomes invaluable to their employer. They also grow into an entrepreneurial pattern of behavior and potential. Both of these outcomes open opportunities in the future that might be missed if not prepared.

I’ve seen both sides of this issue with employees.

We have employees who have been with us for decades and we’ve seen others who last a few months and leave disgruntled. We’ve also had employees who have left thinking the grass was greener elsewhere, then asked to return. Sometimes, if the describer attitude above was demonstrated the first time around, returning is not an option. The determining factor in all of these scenarios is the willingness to learn and grow. For both an employer and an employee, the mutual benefit of being able to build a long-term working relationship is quantifiable in profits and earnings for both parties.

By the way, employers need to learn and grow along the way, too. We all must improve our skills and increase our knowledge to keep up.

Talk to your grandchildren in these terms!

What makes a good working relationship where both parties benefit?

What increase in skills might give them opportunities for advancement and career change over time?

What next thing can you learn that might help your work prospects?

How can you invest in your skills and abilities?

With technological advances and constant change, careers of the future are likely to be dynamic and require flexibility and creativity in the workforce. Help your grandchildren be prepared by sharing career advice, engaging in role-playing, taking related field trips, or buying them preparatory resources. You’ll give them a good head start and perhaps even set them on a life-changing course of personal development!

What’s your most important career tip?


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