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Creating a Year-Round Practice: Gratitude Exercises

Let’s get our gratitude exercises on for this month!

gratitude exercises for grandparents and grandchildren during the season of gratitude of Thanksgiving 2023

Gratitude Exercise #1

Sit down with your grandchildren and set a timer for 10 minutes. Have them write down everything they can think of that they are grateful for. If they need some prompts, give them categories like "Family and Friends," "Opportunities," or "Education," and then explain how to break down specifics under each category. “I’m thankful for my parents because…” or “I’m thankful for my school friend [NAME] because…” Encourage them to use the whole time allotted. Deeper thinking about their lives will bring more profound thankfulness ideas to them.

Gratitude Exercise #2

After completing Exercise #1, give each child paper to write a short note or draw a picture about three persons/things they were thankful for. Have them deliver the notes or drawings to the appropriate people.

Gratitude Exercise #3

Create a Gratitude deck of cards with as many questions about gratitude or prompts as possible, then have a gratitude circle with your grandchildren. You can do this by phone if necessary. Create the first card in the deck with an explanation and definition of gratitude. Share that before you start asking questions on the cards.

Cards might say things like:

  • Name three people you are grateful are a part of your life.

  • How would you tell God you’re thankful for your _______?

  • Share a short prayer of thankfulness for your family.

  • Why do you think being grateful is a good thing?

  • Why are you thankful for your pet ______?

You get the idea. Think of many ways to get your grandchildren thinking about the good things in their lives and how they can express gratitude to God and others. It’s incredible how expressing gratitude changes our hearts and blesses others.

Unsolicited gratitude from children is incredibly wonderful and heartwarming. We know when they are moved to be thankful, the feeling is pure, simple, and beautiful in its innocence.

Let gratitude become a regular part of the expression of love in your family. Gratitude is a beautiful reminder of all that is good and not only lifts our hearts but helps heal some of the hurts inflicted by life's more challenging experiences.

Let November be a month you choose to focus on cultivating gratitude in your family!


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