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Greek Frozen Yogurt Pops

Often what makes it difficult for us to form our new habits when it comes to food is the stress of wondering what to feed our guests, especially our grandkids, when they come to visit. We worry that our Grands will need us to prepare something extra for them because they’ll be too picky to eat the new “healthy” option we’re going for. The trick is making the healthy food fun for both ourselves and our grandchildren. These delicious Frozen Yogurt Pops are exactly that!


32 ozs. Greek Yogurt

Your Choice of Berries (fresh or frozen)

1 Tsp of Vanilla

1 Cup granola (optional)


Step 1 - Gently mix all ingredients together in a mixing bowl.

Step 2 - Evenly divide the mixture into popsicle forms.

Step 3 - Make sure to place a popsicle stick or provided bottom of your popsicle form in place.

Step 4 - Put forms in Freezer for a minimum of three hours (best frozen overnight)

Step 5 - Enjoy with your Grands!

Let us know what combination is your Grands’ favorite!

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