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Spiritual Guidance for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Grandparents raising grandchildren need to think about spiritual guidance from two perspectives.

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Spiritual Guidance for Grandparents

First, raising children in today’s fast-paced, constantly changing world is not easy. We can’t be afraid to seek spiritual guidance in making decisions and setting new household norms. Especially when the grandchildren are in the grandparents' home because of tough issues like incarceration or addiction, folks might fear approaching spiritual leaders. Shame and fear can hinder getting the help needed to transition into new roles successfully.

Keep perspective and focus.

If you are raising grandchildren, you are now responsible for meeting their growth needs. How can you give them the best hope for success in the future? Be solid. Be courageous. Be vulnerable. Be willing to get any help you might need to do your best.

Spiritual guidance is one area not to slack in. Of course, you might need financial guidance or assistance, logistical assistance managing a new activities calendar for you and your young ones, and maybe even backup caregivers. At the core, however, the human element and the emotional/mental/spiritual health of everyone in the household starts with the person(s) in charge. Give yourself an ally by seeking spiritual guidance as you adapt and grow as grandparents raising grandchildren.

Spiritual Guidance for GrandchildreN

Your grandchildren also need spiritual guidance. You will provide much of that as you share your faith beliefs and practices with them but don’t forget the importance of activities with youth groups and churches. They will grow with influences from multigenerational spiritual leaders. Youth pastors are often closer to their ages and can positively influence young people. Sunday School for the younger set can help reinforce the principles you teach at home.

Grandchildren who moved into a grandparents' home may have unique needs and concerns that may greatly benefit from interactions with faith-based counselors. Again, principles taught in the home are being reinforced by discussing the practical application of actions like forgiveness and mercy that many people find hard in difficult situations. Overcoming anger has a healing element that flows best through understanding spiritual principles.

How can grandparents raising grandchildren best get the spiritual guidance they and their grandchildren need?

It starts with being humble enough to pray and ask for needed help and then opening up about the struggles that might be occurring in the new multi-generational household. We may all want to be strong and do it on our own. Still, spiritual guidance from God and the people who follow His ways can make huge differences in the success of any family, whether a natural birth family or a multigenerational family built by circumstance.


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