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The Seven-Step Process of Decision-Making

This week we’re sharing a link to a great article on the Seven-Step Process of Decision-Making. If you want to teach your grandchildren about making decisions throughout their lifetime, I highly recommend taking a look, printing out the PDF, and talking through it with your older grandchildren.

the seven step process of decision making

We all know the number of decisions made throughout a lifetime and how easy it is to be caught off guard when something unexpected arises. The seven steps identified in the article with explanation give a framework to analyze information and make a decision.

Here is a quick synopsis of the seven steps:

  • Identify the Decision

  • Gather Information

  • Identify Alternatives

  • Weight the Evidence

  • Choose Among Alternatives

  • Take Action

  • Review Your Decision

Ask your grandchild if they are making any big decisions right now. Are they considering education or career choices or changes? Try to find a real-life example to walk through the steps with them if you can. If not, then create a hypothetical example and work through the steps together. Print and give them a copy of the PDF.

Have your grandchild respond to each step, then backtrack through the analysis and add some elder wisdom and suggestions. Do so without discrediting or judging their analysis and you may be able to introduce some additional considerations.

Work hard to fill out issues and dimensions for someone with less life experience than you as they make a big decision. Ask “what if” questions a lot. Make it fun and dynamic.

Decision-making is an important skill to develop. Being nimble in thought and analysis can become a strength that is invaluable in both personal and professional life. This decision-making framework is a great way to teach a young person how to become a decision-maker instead of becoming mired in paralytic fear or over-analysis.

Have you heard the phrase, “paralysis of analysis”?

It is, of course, a business world buzzword for not being able to get past the analysis portion of decision-making. Far too often people get stuck analyzing possibilities without ever reaching a solid decision. Becoming responsible and successful requires the ability to not only do the analysis surrounding a decision but to push through to a decision and follow it through with action. Bless your grandchild's future by helping them learn this important life skill.

Find the article here.

If you're looking for a more in-depth explanation and implication of the Seven-Step Process of Decision-Making, be sure to tune in to our latest YouTube video. Let us know your thoughts on this subject!


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